Brow pictorial

@missjazmina Did a quick brow pictorial. She used the app picplaypost ❤ Hope it is easy to follow. 1⃣I always start off with a clean brow. Making sure my eyebrows are freshly tweezed and trimmed. 2⃣I outline the bottom and top of my brows (not to harshly) using @Anastasiabeverlyhills Brow Wiz Pencil (Brunette) Of course brow powders or pencils will work for this also. 3⃣Then using light strokes I fill in the center of my brows. I then brush over my brows with the spooly to soften them. Use a concealer and line underneath my brow. Blend the concealer out usually use a brow gel over the top of my brows then just to keep them nice and neat. If your brows are especially stubborn would definitely invest in some brow gel

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