hot and cold eye makeup

Hot And Cold Eye Makeup

If you wanna look vampiric and sexy opt for the warm toned eye makeup but if you're going for a more angelic vibe, go for the cold eye makeup. … [Read more...]

aquatic smokey eye

Aquatic Smokey Eye

If you are thinking of perfect smoky eyes look, then there is nothing more sexier and sophisticated than the classic Arabic Smokey eye makeup. The concept of Smokey eye makeup, the little black dress … [Read more...]

spring makeup

Spring Makeup

With brightly colored lids and bare faces, embellished hair and stark polish, the big news from the spring runways is all about opposing forces—so get ready to choose a side or you can just have … [Read more...]

purple makeup

Purple Makeup

This much requested purple smokey eye tutorial adds a glamorous twist to an ordinary eye makeup routine. Come night time, it's a great wearable party look! … [Read more...]

glitter gold smokey eye

Glitter Gold Smokey Eye

Glitter Gold smokey Eye look perfect for holiday parties or night outs where you can just let loose and look good. Pair it with some fierce red lippie and you can set the town on fire. … [Read more...]



Every woman wants to look flawless. For those of us who didn't hit the genetic lottery for today's beauty standards, contouring could change everything! … [Read more...]


Easy Step by step contouring

Step by step on one of the ways to contour ☺ 1.) clean, moisturized face 2.) apply foundation 3.) create "triangles" underneath the eye with a concealer a few shades lighter than your … [Read more...]


Easy Cheetah look

This look can be achieved with a dotting tool. … [Read more...]

real life photoshop

Real Life Photoshop

Some say makeup can transform a woman's features. I say it changes the way others look at you and even how you look at yourself. And with that, contouring and highlighting is dubbed as the real life … [Read more...]

tricks in contouring

Tricks in Contouring

If you want amazing cheekbones, a thinner nose or smaller forehead, these tricks from Christina Farrell, otherwise known as The Makeup Blogger  will do the trick. Step 1: Foundation Apply your … [Read more...]