DIY Spring Makeup

@Sugerymakeup Step by step makeup spring look
1-Apply a primer (@motivescosmetics Eye base) and a light e/s to the lid (@motivescosmetics Whipped Cream); 2-Apply a light copper (@motivescosmetics Bedroom Eyes) to the crease; 3-Apply a brown (@motivescosmetics Chocolight) to the outer corner; 4-Apply a white base along the lower lash line (@nyxcosmetics Milk Jumbo); 5-For the lower lash line I used the BlushProfessional 120 matte palette and start applying the green from the inner corner with a thin brush; 6-Using the thin brush continue to apply other colors, I chose a mint eyeshadow..; 7-..then a blue eyeshadow..; 8-…and finally a purple eyeshadow; 9-Line your eyes with a gel eyeliner and Lashes

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