Flawless Pink Eye Makeup

1-Apply a primer (@motivescosmetics eye base) and a pink except the centre of the lid (@makeupgeektvSimply Marlena);

2-Apply and blend a light shimmered brown to the crease (@makeupgeektv Cosmopolitan);

3-Apply a darker brown to the crease (@motivescosmetics Chocolight);

4-Apply a light bright eyeshadow to the centre of the lid and the inner corner (@makeupgeektvShimma Shimma);

5-Apply a gold along the lower lash line (@motivescosmetics Antique Gold);

6-Apply a black to the outer corner (@motivescosmetics Onyx), and then apply a gel eyeliner (@motivescosmetics Little Black Dress);

7-Mascara (@motivescosmetics Black Out)

pink eyes

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